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I'm really excited. I really want to thank everyone who participated so far. You guys are amazing.

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Hey guys, just letting you know that there is 38 hours left to the Namesake Kickstarter. We did really, really, really well so far. I'm amazed and I want to thank all of you. If you know someone who might like to read Namesake, please let them know we exist. Let the fairy tale love be shared!!



I can barely contain my excitement, no joke, you guys.
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7 is a pretty important number in fairy tales, so it seems fitting to announce the last remaining 7 days of the Namesake Kickstarter.

As you may all know right now, Namesake is a fairy tale I write and draw with Megan Lavey-Heaton that is basically the fairy tale version of Quantum Leap. People known as Namesakes can jump to fantasy worlds, and our adventure follows Emma, a Namesake who seems to have the special capacity of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. It's got adventure, mystery, dark humour and creepastic visuals. What's not to love?

With only 7 days left, we already made it to 11 000$, which is bloody amazing. Seriously. It's 4000$ over our goal.

I squealed a lot when I saw that.

I know there's still a bit of people who would like a copy of book one out there, so i'm just passing the word around that there is still time!

Book will also be on sale after the Kickstarter is over, for you folks who may not have money at the moment (life is rough, after all) or don't have a credit card.

Generally, I want to thank everyone for all the moral (reblogs, blog posts, kind notes, readership, fanart, etc) and monetary support. you guys are brilliant. Namesake fans are really the best fans in the world. Nothing will convince me otherwise. You are all smart, kind, sweet and creative. I hope you will keep reading Namesake and that we get to meet more and moe of you guys as time goes by.


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Well.. The Namesake Kickstarter reached it's 7000$ goal! OH MY GOD. You guys. And with only 189 people. I can't believe how generous everyone was. I'm all crazy happy and touched and… Ack. You guys. What are you doing to me? HUGS FOR ALL.

On my tumblr, you can see the special art I drew for everytime we passed a 1000 mark. And i'm going to keep going too!

Tumblr here :



Love you all.

- Isa
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What is Namesake?

Namesake is the story of Emma Crewe, a woman who is stolen in the aftermath of a library fire and is dumped in a land made famous by literature and cinema. She learns she's a Namesake, uniquely connected to this world by the power of her given name, and now she must act as the story's protagonist as she figures out how to make her way home. But as Emma travels, she discovers that those controlling her story have their own selfish goals in mind – and her fate is the key to everyone's happy ending.

What is this Kickstarter for?

We're raising the money to print volume 1 of Namesake. It's 144-page sewn-perfect softcover book and contains the prologue through chapter 5 plus a 5-page bonus story. The funds would cover the print job, the purchase of ISBN numbers and some extra leeway for shipping, Kickstarter and Amazon fees, rewards, etc.


Many thanks in advance for all your kindness and support!

- Isa
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The Comic Creators for Freedom (CCF) donation drive to stop human trafficking is now online, and that until the 20th.

127 webcomic creators have volunteered to create an epic snowball fight themed wallpaper. The wallpaper is offered in exchange for a donation. And every red cent goes to the cause.

There are currently 27 million enslaved people worldwide- more than double the number of enslaved Africans during the trans-Atlantic slave trade. UNICEF estimates that 1.2 million children every year are sold into slavery, most of it sexual. The US Department of Justice estimates 16,000 victims of human trafficking are brought into the United States every year.

This is a pretty big issue. So you know, donate a bit, help out, feel good, get an amazing wallpaper. No downpoints here.


Emma from me webcomic Namesake will be on the wallpaper. She looks adorable along with all the other awesome ladies featured in this.

All these comic book heroes need your help to save the girls and boys of the world.
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Hey guys! The steampunk design I submitted to "We love fine" is up for a vote! Help a girl out, please vote for my design :…
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Hey guys!

Today is provincial holiday in Québec, so i'm taking the day to draw and clean. This weekend, i'm working Saturday and Sunday at the bookstore, so I really need to get next week's Namesake pages inked and ready before midnight tonight! I'm pretty sure I can do it.

Speaking of which, I'm currently working on a cover for a Namesake limited-edition print issue of the prologue and first chapter. Link helped me re-color the pages. :D Me and Megan are printing this to have something Namesake-related to sell at cons, mainly Fanexpo. Here's what the cover looks like :…

Namesake (limited edition) is a 32-page full-color magazine-sized (8.25 x 10.75) comic with a color cover and black-and-white interior covers. It features:
- A special cover drawn especially for this issue
- Prologue and chapter 1 of Namesake with new coloring by Pascal Michaud and redone text that matches the style of the current webcomic issue
- An entirely new cover for chapter 1
- Three pages of extras

THIS ALMOST LOOKS LEGIT. *laughing* I kid, I kid. You can pre-order a signed copy at the Namesake store if you want.…

Aside from that... Stuff is gradually improving guys. I feel so much better. There's a lot of stuff happening. I can't talk about it until next week. But I have high hopes. I feel so much more zen and calm and happy. It feels good. I'm getting some rest. I'm biking and drawing. I feel more stable. It's such a good thing. I'm a bit anti-social (aka ignoring phone calls and emails) because I kinda just want to enjoy being alone in my non-chaos brain for a bit. It's really fun. Like someone removed all the stress and put shag carpeting on my cranium walls. Aaaah. :D

Also, I love having a webcomic. It's the greatest creative outlet int he universe.

- Isa
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Hello all!

Just wanted to let you know that I will be in Toronto this weekend (May 7th and 8th) for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) I will be selling my new printed book, Jabberwocky, there, at my editor's table. The table will be located on the first floor, table #130 (next to the Stanley Wany name, he's my editor. and he's pretty awesome!)…

Come and see me to talk, get a book, or a little drawing! In case i'm not at the table, it probably means i'm running around the festival, but i'll be back! For sure!
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 So, a few people asked me to do various tutorials. And because I just love approval and showing off my skill, I totally complied. 

This is the first video.  Right here on youtube. It's about how to draw clothing. It's not great. I wanted to try doing it via webcam, but it's reallllllyyyy not great. Next time I try to do one, it will be using my professional camera and tripod (yes, I totally own those things).

So, let me know what tutorials you guys would like to see. Something about inking? Expressions? Etc?Speaking of tutorials, the beloved illustrator of Lackadaisy as created a WONDERFUL one about expressions. Don't be shy! Check it out!

- Isa

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I now have a tumblr :

I'll be posting on it sketches and old comics that don't always find their way on deviant art, so be sure to add me if you have a tumblr account! I love people :D

As always, my links :

My main blog (Lj) :
My Twitter :!/secondlina
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I'm going to be offline starting tomorrow for a few days, since i'm running off to see my family in Ottawa and then my extended family in Quebec city. But it's the hoidays. I think most people will be busy, eating, being guilt-tripped by a family member, drinking, playing with toys and younger family members, decorating trees, painting cookies, watching snowflakes, drinking coffee, skating, driving, wondering why there's so much people on the bus, working, dreaming, sleeping, smiling and crying BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THE HOLIDAYS ARE ALL ABOUT, AMIRIGHT?

Seems a lot of people go thru as much bad as good during the holidays. Maybe it's because everyone is stressed. Maybe it's because some people just have horrible family situations. Maybe because that's just human nature.

But at least from me, you'll all get hot cocoa and a warm hug for the holidays. Because I love the lot of you! *huuuugs*

Best Holidays to all. Ad if your holidays aren't quite so fun for some reason, remember that you still have next year, and friends that love you!

I sent emails to a few people I know have been offline for a bit due to the season and the things to do. So if you guys stumble on this post, consider yourself HUGGED TWICE.

AS usual - if you're bored :

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Like my art? Please visit my webcomic! :)

Namesake is the story of Emma Crewe, a woman who discovers she can visit other worlds. She finds out that these are places she already knows – fantasy and fairy lands made famous through the spoken word, literature and cinema. Her power as a Namesake forces her to act as a protagonist in these familiar stories as she figures out how to get home.

But as she travels, she discovers that those controlling her story have their own selfish goals in mind - and her fate is the key to everyone's happy ending.

Join Emma, her sister Elaine and their friends as they tumble down the rabbit hole.

If you like, adventure, humor, stories of friendship, fairy tales and fantasy, this is the webcomic for you.

This is updated three times every week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

My twitter | My deviant art | My portfolio | Namesake
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Skynet will win because nobody reads instructions

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 23, 2010, 7:57 AM

It's been brought to me attention lately that i'm a lot nicer in real life then online *laughs*

In my comics I seem more prone to violence and sarcasm. I'm actually pretty polite, careful, silent and shy in real life. I like joking and thinking about these, but most of the time, i'm the shy one in the corner.

I do deliver powerful sarcastic jabs to the occasional moron and enjoy them immensely, but i'm quite the professional. I just take my frustration out in comics. *laughs*

Unless I ate a ton a sugar. Then look out world. Here I am.

I'm going to be offline this weekend. My parents are back from France and they plan on celebrating my birthday in a big family hug with presents and cake. I do miss my brothers. I used to talk to them every day. Oh well. gotta grow up at some point, amiright?

Link and I need to find/buy another pen for a Intuos graphic tablet. We only have one pen for two tablets. Now that I color more with the computer then with traditional brushes, it's getting.... competitive here.

- Isa

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Some of you may know this, but on Livejournal, I have a comic journal I update 3 times a week (and more). The comics are little jokes about my existence and my fandoms. Since this Deviant art account begs for more attention, I finally decided to copy the LJ posts contents on the Deviant Art Journal. Things should get a bit more fun around here thanks to this.

So, technically, Earth Day has passed (it was yesterday). But it's okay to love the earth everyday. Especially when the earth has such badass protectors : Poison Ivy, Eve, The Sprite from Fantasia 2000, Toph, San from Princess Mononoke, Captain Planet...


Love the environment. It can kill you in your sleep.

I'm thinking of maybe getting some more plants. Of course, I have black thumbs of death. I still keep on trying though.

Elemental powers are pretty cool. I would like to do a story where people have them. I don't know a lot of english series that have people with nature powers, aside from Captain Planet and The Last airbender (despite the anime look, it's american). A lot of super heroes seem to have nature-ish powers. Especially villains. Gotta love those weather-themed villains.

Original LJ Journal :
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